With Disneyland Paris’ Dapper Day just around the corner, here at Le Keux we’re getting into Disney, Instagram, and Prosecco pyjama parties. Ever heard of Disneybounding? Thomasin Bailey, our marketing assistant talks about her latest retro obsession.

DisneyboundIf you were a Disney character, which one would you be? This conversation probably pops up a little too often in my life, but sometimes you just need a bit of escapism. When you’ve had a hard week, month, or year, at work being grown-up, busy, and important, a girls’ night watching Disney films in your pyjamas is exactly what everyone needs. It’s not just feel-good nostalgia either, some of those films are darned good! The songs are just as good as you remember, but now you get the clever references put in there for the adults too. At some point in the evening, when the Prosecco is flowing and everyone has proclaimed their preference for the Beast over Prince Adam (big disappointment right?) the question will come up: if you were a Disney character, which one would you be? I always tell people I’d be Belle, but if I’m honest, I know I’d be Piglet.

Bringing a bit of Disney into your life can only be a good thing, but what would happen if your childhood dreams and your grown-up style crushes were all rolled into one? If you already spend a little bit too much time on Instagram, I’m warning you: don’t read any further. For those open to a new internet (and perhaps real life) obsession, read on. Welcome to my next big intstagram fad: retro Disneybounding. While it may be new to me, Disneybounding is a well-established thing. Put simply, Disneybounding is dressing up like your favourite Disney characters, but not in a costume. While the Disneybound Tumblr gives you outfit inspirations to call to mind almost any Disney character with clothes from your wardrobe or the high street, my real style crush is the retro Disneybounders like Lady Damfino and The Dole Whip Dame. Instead of re-making their childhood heroes in 2017 casual, they turn Disney princesses into modern pinup royalty. Originally invented because grown-ups aren’t allowed to wear costumes inside the magical kingdom, but still wanted to get into the spirit of things and pay homage to their Disney favourites, Disneybounding is now a style phenomenon. Check out Lady Damfino on Instagram, who describes herself as a “Disney Princess with a vintage twist”, for swoon-worthy style, and lots of pictures from inside Disneyland. Her Disneybounds range from carefully detailed handmade dresses that morph princess gowns into a 50s silhouette, to fun t-shirts and quirky, cartoon prints. Her looks are imaginative and a great place to go for inspiration. My favourite outfit of hers has got to be when she dressed as a retro lady version of Gaston!

damfinoLady Damfino always styles her looks with classic retro hair and makeup, making her trademark feature red lips that look stunning with her Snow White colouring. To mix it up with more modern pinup inspiration, look no further than our very own Lynsey Le Keux and Diablo Rose. Lynsey and Diablo went Disneybounding as Cinderella and Snow White, but of course with their own distinctive twist. Diablo’s bright pink hair, styled into Cinderella’s classic bouffant up do from the ball scene, was elegant and pretty, but totally kick-ass at the same time! She’s done a Cinderella tutorial for a more everyday Cinderella look. Lynsey evoked Snow White’s iconic dress in flattering modern style with a flared yellow skirt and a blue cardigan, all set off with quirky red accessories. I went crazy when I saw this look, I loved it! I mean, I could actually go to work dressed as Snow White! That’s why I love this trend, you can indulge your nostalgia and love for Disney, but still look and feel like a grown-up, savvy woman.

Basically retro Disneybounding is the answer to all our fancy dress prayers. The next time you’re invited to a fancy dress do or Halloween party, don’t dedspair (or dress as a sexy burrito). If you want to look gorgeous, and look like you’ve made an effort, do a Disneybound look. You can have your beautiful, retro hair and makeup, but still enter the fancy dress spirit. I mean, I could even do Piglet! I’m thinking Collectif Vintage Bonnie Cigarette Trousers in pink gingham, a cute white shirt, like the Pinup Couture Lauren Top, and a bandanna tied to look a little like Piglet’s ears. Pink lip paint. Sorted.

So, now it’s your turn. If you were a Disney character, which one would you be?

Tips for DIY Disneybounding:

  • Think laterally, Disney Princesses are not the only option. Villains, princes, animals, and minor characters make amazing Disneybounds.
  • Lady Damfino’s classic make up look makes any outfit more retro. The short cut to this look is a red lip and flicked eyeliner. Try Le Keux Cosmetics Whistle Bait Red Lip Paint and Black Cadillac Eyeliner Paint.
  • Adapt the look to a shape and style that suits you. The joy of Disneybounding is that you can make it work for you.
  • Get inspired with our Disney Princesses shoot on our Facebook page.
  • Have fun.