How To Build a Five Figure Following

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Welcome to the Diablo Rose Social Media Academy Course!

You’re on the right track to building your own five figure following and thensome with this comprehensive, strategic and inspiring social media education.

Within this Diablo Rose Social Media Academy Course I’m going to teach you how to use social media in a truly positive and proactive way to help you create a kick ass brand, with awesome content that gets seen by the masses!

We’re going to look at how you can get interactive with your followers, increase your likes and comments, raise your follower numbers and unlock your influencer potential so if you want to get noticed by followers and brands alike keep reading to learn all about how to raise a five figure follower rate and more.

Social media is a great placeto raise your profile or brand, create your own community of like-minded fans and express your individuality. All of this can be achieved by creating inspirationalcontent, showcasing your posts by maximising your engagement rates and reachwith proven techniques and strategising your posting schedules. If you focus oneach of those areas in turn you’ll maximise each posts potential, which leads to brand and influencer awareness, more earning potential and opportunity to spread your passions and message to the world!

Are you ready to get started? Let’s do this!


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This Social Media Academy includes not only a huge amount of content to help you become a social media badass with invaluable techniques, tips and tricks to boost your profile, get noticed and promote yourself, your brand, products or business. It also includes worksheets and planners to help you personalise your strategy and keep yourself motivated and organised!

You’ll also gain access to our weekly Mini Motivators and podcasts, all created to run alongside this 6 part course. These are perfect adds on to keep you on track, help you figure out your goals, create even better content to post on your accounts and show you even more invaluable ways you can use and hack social media.


Ready to find out more about what’s included? Here’s a break down on each of the 6 Lessons within the Diablo Rose Social Media Academy. Available to download individually, or get the complete course today!

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Lesson 1 – Be Your Own Online Badass!

An introduction to social media, from set up to creating eye-candy content.

Lesson 2 – Bossing your stats.

Demographics, posting times and combating the algorithms!

Lesson 3 – Ready, Set, ENGAGE!

Increase your engagements with tricks, technique and instapods.

Lesson 4 – Collaborations Rule!

Teamwork makes the dreams work, so collaborate and influence today.

Lesson 5 – Going Viral.

Reach new heights with your account + case studies

Lesson 6 – Lets do this!

Putting teachings into motion and developing your goals

diablo and le keux sign in welcome

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Why should you learn from Diablo Rose?

I have an active following of over 100k across social media, with my most influential platform being instagram. I’m a successful influencer, working with both independent and major brands to promote their products and I know how to create beautiful eye-catching content which will make you stand out from the crowd! I’m also the face of worldwide brands such as Directions Hair Dye and have been featured in press, radio and television interviews as an expert on using social media and speaking about my experience as an influencer and ‘going viral’.  I’ve toured across the UK teaching beauty and branding workshops to hundreds and now I’ve put everything I know into this online course just for you!

I can show you how to expand your reach, find loyal like-minded followers and keep a positive outlook, all while raising the profile of your brand, persona or products and unlocking that earning potential. I’ve organically grown my own following, reaching over 100, 000 people across the world, and am regarded as one of the top stylists and personalities, building a wonderful community online.

I also have a degree in branding and am Creative Director for Le Keux, as well as running my own business, Diablo Rose Shop. I’ve combined my love of the power of social media with my expertise in branding to bring you this comprehensive, invaluable and simply awesome course to show you how to be your own badass online!


Lets get stuck in! 

Want to find out more about each Lesson included within the Diablo Rose Social Media Academy? Lets look at each Lesson a little more closely, so you can see what possibilities and invaluable info you could unlock!

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The ‘Circle of Success’

An introduction into what you need to be focusing on when starting to learn about your       social media goals and strategy.

Great Content

Focusing on your imagery with top tips for quality content and why it’s important. Lighting, Resolution, Backgrounds, Mixing up your imagery, Work with professionals

Clean Up Your Content

Starting a new account vs rebranding or changing an existing account.

Understanding Pages, Groups, Business Accounts and Connections

Breaking down the different pages, events, groups, converting your account to a business page and it’s benefits, connecting your social media accounts for sharing posts with ease.


Platform Log Book

Record your social media accounts, screen names, web urls, login info etc

What are my goals?

Spider diagram process to think about your goals for your account and brand/business



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Demographics and Behaviours

Introduction to how the different platforms are used and their user stats.

How to learn about your followers demographics and behaviours.

Posting Times

Learning about your individual pages stats and demographics and ideal posting times.


What are algorithms? Understanding the patterns, how to combat them and how to keep motivated!

Top Tips for beating the algorithms.

Posting For Different Content

How to cater your content type, ie videos, images, reviews etc to follower behaviours and encouraging engagements.


Posting Times Log Book

Record your ideal posting schedules based on each platforms stats.

Weekly Planner

Plan out your social media posts, taking the first 2 chapters into account, ie changing up your content, diff post types etc. Set your weeks goals.





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Increasing Your Engagements

How to increase your followers, likes and comments.



The invaluable new method of online networking, and teaming up with like-minded accounts or businesses to boost engagements

5 Tips To Increase Your Engagements

Other methods of showcasing your page, business or products on social media

What The F**k Happened To My Engagements?

What to do when the algorithms take over, including shadowbanning; how to avoid it and what to do to overcome it!


Monthly Planner

Plan your campaigns, sponsored posts, regular content, refine your feed and set goals.





Lesson 4 Banner


How to find brands or businesses to work with, what you can offer and securing those collabs!

Creating Your Social Media Pack

Showcase yourself with an eye-catching and useful media pack, including template guides.

How To Make Your Pitch

How to reach out to potential collaborations for influencers.


Collaboration Planner

Keep a track of your contacts and brands, type of collaborations, any codes or agreements you’ve agreed etc.


Collaboration Planner For Brands

Keep track of collaboration agreements, due dates, product gifting, discount/affiliate quotes.





Lesson 5&6 Banner

How going viral can help your reach and how to convert that to real world opportunities!


Glitter Pin Curls

1 million + reach through shares and influencer resharing and how it affected the business and engagement rates.

Copyright Infringement

Using social media to support and enhance a cause/message, plus gaining major community support within your followers. How to take the viral reach to actual press coverage.


How To Stay Focused

Lets Do This! Putting teachings into motion and developing your goals

Keeping yourself on track, re-evaluating your goals and maintaining a healthy mindset!





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Are you ready to take on everything included within the Diablo Rose Social Media Academy? Well there’s even more included! You’ll also have access to our Mini Motivators and Podcasts, keep reading to find out more about these wonderful lil’ add ons to complete your Academy course…

Within the Social Media Academy we’ll be sharing 4 Mini Motivators to help, yep you guessed it… keep you motivated! So what will each MM share?


Social Media Pressure Mini Motivator

Join Lynsey Le Keux as she talks about how to avoid the pressure that comes with trying to promote yourself or your business online, and how she copes with it all!


How To Pose Like A Pinup Queen Mini Motivator

Join Diablo Rose as she shares her tips and tricks for creating gorgeous content as an influencer. Including tips on showcasing products, making the most out of your setting and tips for taking great photos.


What The Hell Is An Instapod? Mini Motivator

Learn about the newest form of networking to help you increase your likes, comments and overall reach with Diablo Rose.


What Is The Social Media Academy? Podcast

Diablo shares everything you need to know to find out what’s included, what you should expect and how you’ll learn to become your own online badass throughout the course!


Branding Yourself And Finding Your Niche Podcast

There’s a lot of influencers and brands online, so how do you help yourself stand out from the crowd? Diablo Rose shares in expert branding knowledge and advice to help you find what makes you awesome, and how to show that off to the world!


Copyright Infringement And ‘Going Viral’ Podcast

Hear all about the case that made Diablo ‘go viral’! Several years ago her image was stolen and used on a t-shirt sold in the UK without her permission, listen to her story, from finding out about it all, increasing the pressure on the company through social media and press and radio interviews, securing a four figure settlement and raising hundreds for charity in the process!


How To Stay Sane Using Social Media

Social media is amazing for promoting yourself, meeting like-minded people and staying in touch, but it can also be an intense place! Join Diablo as she talks about her experience with anxiety, online pressures, comparing yourself to others and keeping a healthy mindset when coming up against algorithms and promoting yourself.



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Let’s Do This!

Download the complete Diablo Rose Social Media Academy now through Diablo + Le Keux and join in the fun! You can also dip into each of the Lessons by buying them individually. So go to now to join the Academy today!

Registration to Diablo + Le Keux is completely free, just enter your email address and create a password to unlock hundreds of hours of videos, eBooks, tutorials, planners, printables, courses, templates and more. Covering everything from beauty to business!

diablo and le keux sign in welcome

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Have fun badasses!

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