How To Make Vintage Curl Sets Last 3 Days!

DSC_1482By Madame B. Cherie, Owner at Le Keux Cotswolds

I love getting the most out of my wardrobe – one key piece can work hard for you and be the foundation of a number of ‘looks’, can’t it? So, when you have a lot of socialising to do over a short period, and you want your hairstyle to work ‘smart’ for you, some advance planning can set you on the right track. Here’s my three day hair plan for our fabulous customer Carrie…



When you are having your hair styled, try to choose a style that will work with your favourite hair scarf, like a curl set styled into cute pin curls at the back. This can be covered with a hair scarf for your day 1 look. Ask your stylist to cover the pin curls with the scarf, and add height and interest at the front with some victory rolls. This works beautifully well with hair that has striking colours, like the dramatic splash of black that the gorgeous Carrie has with her pink and grey tones. You can swap the hair scarf for one in a different colour for the evening, to draw a line between your day outfit and what you have on that evening!  Just remember to keep the scarf on overnight, to protect those pin curls.

d957c010-2e72-481b-b92b-ab31b98341b4Yes, it does feel a little strange to sleep with the scarf on and your pin curls in, but it will be worth it in the morning! Gently remove the hair scarf and voila! Those gorgeous pin curls are now on show. Again, pin curls look stunning if your hair has different shades of colour in it. This sort of up do is best set off by statement earrings, and for a very special occasion you can accessories the pin curls too with vintage-style Bobby pins. A co-ordinating hair flower will work well, too. After your fabulous night out, remember to remove the accessories and put a hair scarf back on to protect the pin curls again, overnight.

Now we’re on to day 3. It’s time to let your hair down, and unpin all those curls. You’ll still have your Victory Rolls intact, and cascading curls at the back, a classic 1940s look. Feel free to express yourself with another stunning hair flower to match today’s outfit! Here’s Carrie’s at home selfies, rocking some fab curled looked:


It’s a good idea to have some hairspray and hair pomade handy, to deal with any wisps and strays, and tease it back into place.

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