How do you create Vintage Hollywood Waves?

Here at Le Keux one of our most requested styles is gorgeous vintage hollywood waves – perfect for injecting some old school glamour into your look.

Deep set waves look stunning in long hair but it can be very tricky to do on your own hair! So here’s a cheats method for getting those luscious waves without too much hassle.

Prep your hair with a setting spray like Knera Hot Spray and use a thin curling iron. In this tutorial we’re using a 3/4 inch diameter iron. If you have shorter hair you can size down to get a similar look or you could use a slightly larger 1 inch iron for a larger wave.

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Taking an inch wide section of hair, start to wrap the hair around the curling iron in a spiral, keeping the hair flat as it moves through the iron. If your hair is long, start to curl from the root of your hair, bringing the length of the hair through the curling iron as you wrap the hair around it to ensure an even curl from root to tip. Hold the hair for 10-15 seconds the release the hair, you should have a nice ribbon spiral curl. Repeat this curl, one inch piece at a time, ensuring you curl in the same direction with every curl. Work through all your hair from one side to the other, again making sure you’re curling in the same direction at all times.

Once you have curled all of your hair, leave it to set for around 10 minutes to allow the curls to cool down entirely. Use a working hairspray to gently set the hair as it cools. For soft fluffy waves use a grooming brush to brush through the curls, brushing in a downward motion through to allow the waves to form. You can also use a fine tooth comb to brush through the waves for a lovely definition. Brush the top layers and the underside to bring all of the hair together in beautifully uniform wave. Use a strong hold hairspray to set your style in place. You can also use a pomade or serum to add extra shine and glamour to your lovely locks.

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