How to tie a headscarf – vintage style!

If you’re a pin up gal on the go a retro headscarf will be your best friend!
Wearing a full coverage scarf is a great way to glam up a quick hair do and it’s oh so simple. For a modern pin up look use a large scarf to recreate this giant bow look!

how to tie a headscarf for vintage styling le keux tutorial

And here I am on Keuxties TV styling a different style of headscarf!

TOP TIP: If your headscarf is prone to slipping add a little hairspray on your hair line before you add your scarf to help it stay in place! It prevents the hairgrips slipping too.

If you’re super crafty, join Anna from Le Keux Essex with her Vintage Facinator tutorial!

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Firstly pin up your hair, we suggest a flat french twist, a bun placed on top of your head or even just pile your hair up and pin securely in place!
Fold a large square headscarf in half to create a triangle. Place the longest edge along the nape of your neck, making sure the length is equal on both sides. Then bring the middle point of the triangle up on top of your head, to make things less fiddly you can pin this point in place.
Holding the two longest points, now scoop these ends upward and ties in a knot in the middle of your head, tying the knot over the top of the point you just pinned in place.
Now fold the tip of your headscarf backwards over the knot we’ve just tied. You can tuck this into the scarf or let it lie in place depending on your scarf size.
Tie the ends of the headscarf into a bow. You can make this as small or large as you’d like! Fan the scarf on each bow loop to really fluff out that bow!
IF you’re using a very large headscarf you can tuck the ends of the bow into the sides of your scarf around your ears.. To secure your headscarf in place use hair grips/bobby pins placed tightly just above each ear and at the back at the nape of the neck.