How do I make my lipstick last?

A bright lip is the vintage girl’s ultimate accessory but sometimes we all have trouble with staying power and bleeding lines, so Diablo Rose has put together a few tips and tricks to help make that lipstick last all day long!

If your lips are prone to dryness or you find your lipstick flakes away, try exfoliating them beforehand. You can use store bought lip exfoliators or you can use my at-home remedy. Mix together a little brown sugar with honey and gently rub onto your lips for a few minutes then was away. You’ll be left with a lovely smooth finish ready to apply your lipstick!

Long lasting vintage lipstick le keux tutorial

Le Keux Mythbusters!

Myth: Red lipstick doesn’t suit me
Truth: Red is the one colour, with its tones through blues, peaches and plums that can suit everyone. Blondes go for pillar box reds, redheads go for peachy and pink tones and dark hair suits pillar box and plum reds alike. There are no set rules either! Play with your makeup and discover the colours thats work for your mood and skin tone.

Myth: Red lipstick makes my teeth look yellow
Truth: Blue toned red lipsticks will do just the opposite! Choose pillar box reds with cool tones.

Myth: My lips are too small for red lipstick
Truth: A carefully practised line just outside your natural lipline is the perfect way to boost your lips. Experiment with angles or ask an honest friend to ensure you’re accentuating your lips in a natural way!

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Applying lipstick vintage style!

Before applying your lipstick, use a sharpened matching red lip liner to line the edges of your lips. This will help to stop the lipstick from bleeding into those fine lines around the mouth.
Next use a lip brush to help apply your lipstick evenly and neatly. Apply your lipstick and blot. This will help lock in that colour and mattify the base which helps with the fading that can occur in the centre of the lips throughout the day.
To really set that colour you can also apply a thin layer of translucent powder once you’ve blotted to set the colour in place once more! You can blot it on using a makeup sponge or a large fluffy brush
Apply a second coat of your lipstick to finish off your lovely glossy pout and you and your pout will be ready for the day!