How to get the perfect vintage winged eyeliner?

How to get the perfect vintage winged eye liner, le keux tutorial

Perfect vintage winged eyeliner has to be the number one requested tutorial for the vintage gal. It’s also the makeup which seems to be the most feared for beginners, but where there’s a wing there’s a way!

With these tips and techniques, you’ll be painting like a pro in no time!

How do you get perfect winged eyeliner – the prep!

Firstly, imagine your eye in three sections. There is the inner corner, lashline and the outer edge where the flick will go. Don’t feel you have to draw the liner in one sweep. Separate the eye out and concentrate on one area at a time to simplify things.

Hold a hand mirror at chin level and look directly downwards, this way you can keep both eyes open for easier vision but the eyelid remains flat for an easier surface to draw along! Avoid any imprints if the liner hasn’t dried yet!

Getting the perfect flick

Next draw the top of the flick. Start again from the point and drawing in towards the eye, curve this edge as you draw towards the flick to meet up with the line. As we’ve already done along the lashline, complete the flick by filling in between the two lines.
To finish off those flicks, paint a fine line along the inner corner of your eye. To flatter the eyeshape and create a winged shape, make this line slightly thinner on the inner edge and build it up to meet the rest of the liner you’ve drawn along the lashline. This will open up your eyes for a Marilyn Monroe doll eyed look!

Here is one of our gorgeous Keuxties showing how to get those perfect flicks.

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