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Hi, I’m Lynsey Le Keux and I teach people like you how to start a business with a solid model and sustain the motivation needed to grow.

I own multiple businesses including event venues, salons, a franchise network, digital commerce and a cosmetics products line, so you know my coaching and courses are based on real world experience.



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What is the Le Keux Business Academy?

I have a mission… to make you bigger than your excuses. You deserve to make the life you’ve dreamed of and I’m going to teach you how to do it. 

I understand that when life throws you a sh*t storm, it’s down to us to CHOOSE how it defines us. So I’m here to share all the experience and expertise I’ve built since starting my first venture in 2007. In the Academy you’ll find:

  • Live online business seminars
  • Podcasts
  • Motivational videos
  • Business courses
  • Downloads and templates to help you start and grow your business
  • Coaching from me and other experts
  • Details of my talks / networking meetings tours – scroll down for more info

The best way to get access to everything above is to sign up to my mailing list. You can also request to join my FREE ONLINE COACHING GROUP for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners. Here I share live business seminars, coaching, challenges and a chance to build your own tribe of lifting, energising and inspiring fellow entrepreneurs.

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More about me

Everything you see here at lekeux.com is a result of my creativity and hard work. I built the business from a mobile event service to a multi branch, franchised chain offering my own range of beauty products. I lead a team of Managers and I am constantly looking for new opportunities and ways to grow and expand my businesses.

I have a degree in Business and Management and before I started my own business I had a career in Project Management, Consultancy and Business Process Engineering. I specialised in analysing business structures and processes in order to recommend improvements, make financial savings and/or implement new systems or software.

Nowadays I oversee my businesses focusing on digital marketing, product development, motivating my team and generating new business. I am currently working passionately on building my franchise network because I truly believe in the business model I have and I love providing opportunities to other entrepreneurs to succeed within my brand. I’m also excited about new plans for my cosmetics and beauty range!

Whilst I’m not working on my own business, I coach others to start their own companies, or grow their existing business. I’m different to a lot of coaches because my expertise comes from real work experience of starting businesses from scratch and doing everything until I generated the profits that afforded my to delegate! My approach is to start with the ‘why’… why haven’t you made it happen to date? Removing the reasons we procrastinate, lose energy or fear going for it is the key to long term sustained motivation. Then I guide you through the practicalities and continually share my knowledge in whatever is challenging you in your business; cash flow, marketing, social media, recruitment, management, procurement/sourcing and everything in between.

You can listen to my podcasts to get my story on building my business through IVF (plus interviews with inspirational business women and a tonne of business start up and growth hacks and advice). Or why not get some actual coaching from me…


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Coaching FAQs

What does a coach do? Personally, I work on helping you realise why you’ve not yet achieved your goals yet; this might be time management, energy levels, overwhelm, fear, influence from others or finances. I then help you through the practicalities of starting a business from developing your business model (systems, processes and structure), marketing, recruitment, leadership skills and everything else. I’m also your accountability – someone outside of yourself who also wants you to succeed.

How much does it cost? My first 30 minutes coaching via phone or video call is completely FREE. Moving forward I charge £75 per hour or £150 per month for a two hour video call session, mid month 30 minute phone call and weekly accountability messages (“Hey, have you done that yet?!”). This is a subscription which you can do for a minimum of 6 months and you pay at the start of the month (for the coaching ahead).

Who do you coach? I predominantly coach women who are at the start of the journey I was at back in 2007; In a job that isn’t satisfying and wanting to turn a hobby or passion into full time employment. Because I’ve sustained motivation to grow my business through IVF I’m also an ideal coach for people who have found life’s sh*t storms are the reason they’ve not gotten ahead. I know what it takes to pull myself out of sadness each day, to focus on doing something to be proud of. I also coach industry related people; salon owners, event services, creatives, digital content marketers, those aspiring to open a café, retail shop or similar and those wanted to develop and distribute their own products.

Why do I need a coach? Because you’ve not done it on your own yet. It’s as simple as that. I use a coach to push me to my next level, and most of my idols do too. An outside influence can help us reflect honestly on the fact that we often spend year in and out doing the same thing yet expecting different results. A coach can get you to start thinking and  acting different so that pipe dream becomes your actual job.

My talks and networking meetings tours

I love public speaking and you can find my schedule of talks across the UK at the events page in my Facebook group (apply to join at the link above). Currently on tour in the UK:

How To Franchise Your Business – March and April 2019 in Birmingham, Coventry and Chester. Click below to get my free cheat sheet on creating a business that you can franchise too!

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