Vintage Hair Academy

Sophie Face of Le Keux 2017

Courses to suit professionals, aspiring hair stylists and those who simply want to learn to self-style. Le Keux are known worldwide for their amazing styling skills, now you can learn personally from the Le Keux founder Lynsey Le Keux and Branch Manager Violet Vixen.

Available at our Birmingham Venue (dates below) or online LIVE via our video platform (on other dates, please enquire for options). Our online option involves close up, interactive tutorials on a dolly head. You’ll watch our tutor, copy on your own dolly, and as it’s two way and live the tutor will be able to help and correct you, as if we were right there! Online courses involve up to a maximum of 5 people, so you’ll be well looked after. 

2020 Courses (Styling on others)


All courses include live models provided by us! You’ll need to bring your own styling block/dummy head (real hair please) and 1/4 inch curling tongs (not wands) – we do have some available to borrow though, so please make any requests in advance. We provide all clips and products required during the course. You do not need a hairdressing qualification to come on our courses although we welcome hairdressers too. You’ll also receive a certificate emailed to you after the course completion.


Beginners Up Dos – 1 day – Wednesday 22nd July (Birmingham salon): Prepping basic curl sets for up dos, products and tools guide, vintage hair history overview, victory rolls, Gibson roll, decorative pin curls, beehive, tying headscarves. Suitable for absolute beginners or those with hair experience (not vintage).

Beginners Curl Sets – 1 day – Thursday 23rd July (Birmingham salon): Prepping hair, pin curl set (with heat), styling an S-wave, 50s style curl set pattern, setting and brush out, 40s style pageboy curl set pattern, setting and brush out, vintage hair history, guide to tools and products. Suitable for absolute beginners or those with hair experience (not vintage). 

Advanced Up Dos – 1 day – Wednesday 19th August (Birmingham salon): Prepping hair for advanced up dos, infinity rolls and advanced decorative rolls, poodle style, advanced beehives, pin curl up do, working with accessories, hiding clips and perfect finish techniques. Suitable for those confident in creating basic vintage styles such as victory rolls and able to heat curl set hair.

Advanced Curl Sets & Waves – 1 day – Thursday 20th August (Birmingham salon): Finger / Marcel waves (curl set pattern and brush out), faux bobs, deep set Hollywood waves curl set and brush out, bubble curl set, incorporating accessories. Suitable for those with vintage hair experience, able to create a basic vintage curl set and brushed out style with confidence.

Bridal Styles – 1 day – Wednesday 15th July (Birmingham salon): High set decorative styles, details at the nape of the neck, side styles, working with sponges, prepping for long stay, incorporating veils and accessories. Suitable for those with vintage and/or undo hair experience wanting to tailor their skills for bridal market. Leads on from beginners up do course.

Rockabilly & Modern Pin Up Looks – 1 day –  Thursday 16th July (Birmingham salon): Faux bangs, 50s pony tail, oversized victory rolls, hair bows. DA (ducks ass) / all up victory rolls, Rockabilly culture history. Ideal for those with some vintage hair experience. Leads on from beginners up do course.

1 day courses are £179 each, book all six 1-day courses and received 25% off. CLICK HERE FOR DISCOUNT BOOKING!

3-day Beginners Vintage Hair Academy Course – Wednesday 14th – Friday 16th October 2020 (Birmingham salon): Introduction to products and tools, vintage hair history, basic curl setting (dry), victory rolls, full up dos, decorative pin curls, chignon, faux bangs, Gibson rolls, wet pin curl setting, beehives, quifs, waves and 40s/50s curl sets and brush outs, integrating headscarves hair accessories. Suitable for those with no experience, or those with hair experience (not vintage).

3-day Advanced Vintage Hair Academy Course – Wednesday 18th – Friday 20th November 2020 (Birmingham salon): Deep set Hollywood waves, marcel waves, bridal styles, wet set finger waves, complex up dos, infinity rolls, 30s curl set, poodle, integrating headscarves and hair accessories. Suitable for those with vintage hair experience and able to confidently create basic styles such as victory rolls and curl setting.

3 day courses are £495 each or £895 for both booked at the same time. CLICK HERE TO BOOK BOTH 3 DAY COURSES AT DISCOUNTED RATE.

If you’re uanble to do the date/s above please get in touch, we do add additional course dates if there’s sufficient demand.


Payment – you can secure a place on the courses above by clicking on the booking button. If you’d prefer to secure the place with a deposit please email (please note all deposits are non-refundable). We also accept monthly instalments, and/or the full remaining balance 7 days before the course date.

Private tuition – styling on others

Private courses: All individual or private group sessions are tailored entirely to your requirements – you tell us what you’d like to learn and we’ll design the course to suit your needs! Private group sessions are ideal for salons wishing to train a number of their stylists.

Prices below are based on training taking place in our salon in Birmingham. We’re happy to discuss coming out to you too, please don’t hesitate to ask us for further information on this at

  • Private session – individual (1 person) – half day – £295 / full day – £495 per person
  • Private session – group (2-4 people) – half day – £195 / full day £345 per person
  • Private session – group (5-12 people) – half day – £165 / full day – £285 per person
  • Self styling private session – £45 per hour per person (learn any style you wish on yourself)

College courses

We are specialists in specific vintage styling and can complement your students’ learning experience by offering in-depth training in vintage styling. Book at

  • College training – half day (min 10 people) – half day – £85 per person
  • College training – full day (min 10 people) – full day – £159 per person
  • Express college training – demo with 1.5 hours hands on training (min 10 people) – £45 per person
  • Train the trainer – courses designed for college lecturers and teachers – see our private session prices above.


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