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Welcome to the wonderful vintage world of Le Keux! We are vintage themed venues housing a vintage salon, milkshake bar, photo studio, treatment rooms and retail shop all under one fabulous ’50s roof. We offer vintage themed parties, makeovers, photo shoots, bridal hair and make up and a place to visit for some retail shopping and a delicious American style milkshake. Our entirely unique and 10+ years proven business model is now available to franchise! Join us for the most exciting business journey you can imagine.


Meet the Founder

Lynsey Le Keux Franchise FounderI’m Lynsey and I opened my Birmingham branch in 2010, it started as a pop up vintage party venue and now we’re a salon, milkshake bar, retail emporium, pin up photo studio and party location. There’s nothing I love more than helping people take the leap into business! I’ve delivered every service and managed every part of my company, so I understand every challenge and opportunity. I know our target customer inside out, what makes her (and him) love Le Keux and come back time and time again. I am crazy passionate about my business, and I will be about yours too. I’m most proud of our Keuxties fan base and my team of incredible of franchisees who I call my FranTribe sisters; who blow me away with their creativity, effort and energy every single day.

I am on the hunt for two more FranTribe members for this period. I know it may be you, because you took the step to read this. You’re right here, considering that there’s a different way to spend your day, earn your money and ‘be’ in this world. At Le Keux we are creating something bigger than ourselves, a movement to help our Keuxties discover confidence through vintage, self-care and the joy of uplifting surroundings. 


Applications for a Le Keux Franchise are now OPEN! To apply you’ll be asked some simple questions. You’ll then get a 30 minute call with Lynsey and you’ll be able to grill her about everything and anything you like about this opportunity.

More from our Founder…

Before starting the business 12 years ago, I had a successful career in business consultancy, specifically process improvement. I get what it’s like to be in a well paid job, but be screaming inside; “this is not ME!” Don’t get me wrong, I learnt a lot… This is why my business model is water tight. I know how to identify the best way to do something and make a scalable business model that others can easily follow to make a success. I have a degree in Business and Management and a Diploma in Management Consultancy too. But it still wasn’t enough. I know you know what I mean by that, whatever everyone around says about being bonkers for leaving such ‘stability’. A decade later I still haven’t looked back. If I can be the one to get you on that journey too, boy would I be happy. I want you to wake up every day as excited as I am to bring incredible, unique and uplifting experiences to my local community.

I have been generating a profit since the first year in business. Turnover has grown each year as I honed the processes, perfected services and developed marketing strategies that actually work. I want to help you make a profitable business that you can be passionate about… just like I did.

These days I’m working on my business more (and occasionally in it, just because I love it!). I have a two year old daughter who keeps me busy and makes me laugh constantly. We’re really blessed to have her after 4 years of IVF (it’s during this time that I’m thankful for the way I set up the business… my amazing team ran a tight ship off the back of the systems and standards I’d put in place whilst I underwent treatment and eventually went on maternity leave). I also love public speaking and networking and in my downtime I obsess over true crime documentaries and anything animal related. I love a cocktail with my badass business buddies too.


Let’s get into the nitty gritty and talk about the opportunity

Why choose a Le Keux franchise?

  • One to one support from our founder, Lynsey Le Keux. (Midlands Entrepreneur of the Year and general business badass!)
  • Low set up costs and affordable franchise fees (£20,000-30,000 initial investment)
  • Access to our finance partner, giving you access to funding more easily
  • 20-50% profit margin
  • Proven, profitable business model (we’ve been running since 2007)
  • We’ve invested in a killer lead generation and email software (and gotten really good at it) and you’ll get to use our formula too
  • Marketing and lead generation by an awesome digital agency, who specialise in finding our target market and converting their needs into paying bookings
  • An impressive training package – 10 days training in hair, make up and photography (for you and/or your team), 5 days business, operations, marketing and service delivery training plus access to ongoing training opportunities
  • Exceptional ongoing support including weekly calls with Lynsey, site visits, team get to togethers, yearly brand-wide plans and central marketing.
  • Our branches have twelve income streams meaning you have so many opportunities to make money!

What’s a typical week as a Le Keux Franchisee?

It’s going to fun, that’s for sure. No two days are the same! You may be the person on site delivering appointments and events, in which case yours and your team’s week will be full of makeovers, cuts and colours, bridal trials and photo shoots. Weekends are party time with anything from one to four groups enjoying dance classes, cocktail making and afternoon tea in your various fabulously decorated rooms. You’ll be looking after customers in between too, answering the phone (it gets busy!) and emails, plus preparing for events. There’s business admin to do too… you’ll be recruiting your team of stylists, training staff, managing your cash flow and budgets and sourcing supplies. We will also chat weekly, over the phone or on video call, we’ll talk about how awesome you’ve been this week and what went right. We’ll come up with solution s for any challenges you’ve had and make sure there’s actions to take away. You might identify more training you’d like, which I’ll go away and organise for you, we’ll workshop creative marketing ideas and share stories of our favourite customers from the week.

When you have childcare, or a doctors appointment to go to your team will open or close up for you, covering the venue off the back of the training manual we’ll provide for you. The same will go for when you go on holiday, because the business model is set up to allow others to follow processes and deliver the same high standards for your customers every time.

What our current franchisees are saying:

“I’ve had so much support from everyone at Le Keux. No question is a stupid question and there’s no detail that’s too small to ask about. There is a structure in place, and a logic behind the way things are set up – it appeals to my way of working! Lynsey has been fantastic, making herself available to answer all those questions I have, and always inspiring me to achieve/ to reach/ to move forwards.”

Is Le Keux right for you?

Lynsey Le Keux entrepreneur of the year

We’re looking for people with the energy and drive to make a success of their business.

You might love vintage or simply want to succeed at your own business. You do not need to know anything about vintage, beauty, hair or catering. You bring the drive, passion, work ethic and integrity, we provide full induction, management and creative training to you and/or your team.

What do you get?

  • Full operations manual (like buying a business-in-a-box!)
  • Leading CRM, marketing and online booking software systems, set up and ready to go
  • Tried and tested business model with up to 12 income streams
  • Website page
  • Continuous marketing to our 125,000+ social media audience and mailing list
  • Full telephone and online support and mentoring from Entrepreneur of the Year and business coach Lynsey Le Keux, plus regular site visits
  • Management training for you, including finances, marketing, sales, event management, salon management, sourcing and managing supplies, recruitment, management, venue and creative training for you and/or your team (hair, make up, photography)
  • Marketing materials, flyers, posters and a catalogue of professional images
  • Access to in-house graphic designer
  • Wholesale cost Le Keux Cosmetics
  • Recruitment support

How much will a Le Keux franchise cost me?

  • Our franchise fee is £15,000.
  • Set up costs range from £3000-10,000 depending on the venue size, lease arrangements and fixtures and fittings required.
  • You’ll need a further £5000 operating capital to get you going.
  • There’s a monthly management fee of 7.5% of your turnover.

What will I earn?

  • Existing branches typical profit margins are 20-50%.
  • Our flagship branch has achieved up to £20,000 turnover per month.

I’m interested, what do I do now?

8.7.17 Mandy 2 copy

We’re currently taking applications! Fill in the form here to be considered for our next TWO branches. 

Not ready to chat yet? Sign up to our franchise interest mailing list and receive weekly emails about franchises, Le Keux Opportunities. You can opt out any time you like too.


Regions currently available:

Birmingham, Aberdeen, Brighton, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cotswolds, Cambridge, Cardiff, Chester, Cornwall, Devon, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Kent, Milton Keynes, Leeds*, Liverpool, London (East/West), Manchester, Margate, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Portsmouth, Sheffield*, Somerset, Southampton, York*.

Our *Yorkshire opportunities are amazing, due to us already operating a mobile branch in this region there is an established customer base and following. You’ll have the opportunity to pick up these existing bookings! 

Regions taken: Essex.

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