How do you do a vintage curlset?

Creating this voluminous pageboy style is really all about the backcombing, brush out and setting! This vintage curlset style works best on above shoulder length to medium length hair.

For long hair, during step 3 -4 you’ll need to heavily backcomb the length and roll the hair into the neck like a gibson roll and pin in place (click here for our gibson roller tool to make this easy!). Then during steps 7-10 style as instructed, tuck the extra length underneath that backcombed roll. Secure with hair grips to create this pageboy shape.

Vintage curlset 
how to do a vintage pageboy curlset
vintage up do

Here’s Lynsey showing how to get that gorgeous 50s Curlset do!

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Firstly, Curl the hair using a 3/4 inch curling iron as shown on the next page, pin and allow to cool. Loosen up the curls with your fingers. Add extra oomph and texture by using a volumising product at the roots. This will help with the structure and setting of this style. Section off the back of your hair and add a gentle backcomb to the crown to halfway down your head for body.

Now we are going to create our back-combed base for the pageboy shape to lay on top of. We’re going to work from the occipital bone (the lower back area of the head) and create heavy backcomb with a fine toothed comb. You can also ruche the hair by holding the end of the hair and pushing it towards the scalp. Set the backcombing with hairdryer on a low power and high heat setting to dry and set your hairspray. Pay attention to the underside of the hair.

This technique works almost like a vacuum pack for backcombing! Once the backcombing is set, bring the rest of the hair down and start to smooth this hair from the crown to the occipital bone. Secure in place with sectioning clips and hairspray to set. Now start to smooth the length of this hair over the top of your backcombed base with a fine tooth comb. Brush gently over the hair so we don’t crush any of that backcombing underneath!
Continue to smooth all of this section. Working around the head, smoothing as you work and brushing the hair over and under. Do this so it covers the backcombing and tuck into the nape of the neck. Set again with hairspray and a hairdryer. To style the shorter front side, gently backcomb to add texture and help styling. Smooth the top layers and brush to sit behind the ear, secure in place with a sectioning clip. Smooth this length over the top of the backcombing base and bring it into a pin curl shape sitting behind the ear. Set with strong hold hairspray and secure in place with hairgrips as needed.

Now we’re going to style the front s-wave. Take one inch sections of the hair and backcomb, bringing that backcombing together as you work through the hair. Place your hand inside this section to create the rise and smooth the hair over the top of your hand to retain that rounded shape. Use hairspray to smooth and set your styling. Secure in place with a sectioning clip to retain that shape as we move on to the next step. Smooth the hair forwards swooping over the forehead to start to create that s-wave shape. Using a grooming brush to create a smooth finish and secure in place with another sectioning clip using hairspray to smooth and set as you style.

Finally, Continue the s-wave shape by brushing the hair backwards, away from the face sitting just around ear level and secure in place. Once you’re happy with your s-wave use hairspray again to set and finish. Complete the style bey smoothing the ends of the hair over that backcombing base joining the front and back styling together to create a cohesive shape from ear to ear, brushing the hair over and under towards the neck. Use your hairdryer and hairspray again to set and finish the style, paying attention to the underside of the hair to set the style securely. Now you have that perfect vintage curlset!