How to Host a Virtual Hen Do

Keuxties, we know it can be tough if you’re planning a wedding, particularly in these uncertain times. Deciding whether to postpone your wedding or to keep your fingers crossed for your original date is hard.

It’s clear that a pick-me-up will do you good and be a welcome distraction. And what’s better for that than your hen do! As you can’t hang out with all of your friends in person, a virtual hen party is the next best thing!

With a little planning, getting all your friends together is easier than ever. From arranging e-vites, activities, food, dress codes, we have you covered.

Let’s get planning!

First you will need to choose your virtual platform for hosting your hen. Since lockdown there are now more ways than ever to connect with loved ones on a virtual level. There’s Zoom or Houseparty which have been popular during lockdown, or maybe you want to go more old school with Skype or FaceTime.

Zoom & Houseparty allow video calls with multiple members, but there are different number limits. Zoom is very user friendly, you can have up to 100 people on at one time, and anyone can set up an account. However, The unless you upgrade your account, your call will be limited to 40 minutes. Houseparty in particular is a great platform for group chats, it allows you to play games together and provides other entertainment, however you care limited to a maxiumum of eight friends on the call. There’s also Google Hangouts, which has a limit of 25 people on a video call. All you need to use this option is a Gmail account.

Next job to organise is some super Keuxte e-vites! While you may be doing things slightly differently to what you had originally planned, this is still a special occasion to remember, so invitations should be a part of the experience! There are loads of websites to create your own party e-vite, many of which are free. For example, places like and are great places to start.

Next up is deciding on a theme or dress code, whether you want to go down the route of L-plates or dress up as Pink Ladies (always a favourite option of ours!) its great to get everyone in the party mood. You could even make it into a competition of who can create the most original outfit out of anything but clothing! Check out Lena Mae Lenman’s  lockdown cosplay posts for inspiration.

So now you have the invites sorted and a theme in place its time to sort out the food. Discuss ahead of time which kind of cuisine you’d all like to get stuck into, and plan to order food delivery at the very same time so you and your friends can enjoy a night of indulging. Also arrange snacks during your regular food shop, so you can all have something to munch on throughout. As you can’t make a fuss of your bride in person, spoil her from a distance by organising a food delivery to her house and add in a bottle of wine with the order. She’ll love the surprise!

Food all sorted, its time to plan those hen activities! There are so many options and we’ve listed some of the most fun ideas below:

Dance Party: There are lots of online dance classes since lockdown, so why not all learn something new together such as Stroll or Burlesque, and bring out your inner diva!

Have a ‘Tutorial-Off’: We have a selection of amazing makeup and hair tutorials on our Youtube Channel Keuxties TV, so what about challenging your hens to all follow one at the same time, then pick the winner at the end? The more creative, the better!

Movie Night: Arrange a Netflix Party, where you can all watch a movie in a group via video chat, to share the laughs, surprises, and frights all together.

The Big Quiz: We all love a pub quiz, you can be theme it or even make it wedding-specific, but a good old-fashioned general knowledge quiz will go down well. Check out Pub Quiz Questions HQ for starting points on questions, categories and topics.

Activity planned its now time to choose some Hen Party Games! Make the most of some classic party games during your virtual hen. Here are some we love;

  • Never Have I Ever: A beloved drinking game, is a perfect way to break the ice and get things going. Feel free to make up your own, but you can also buy a card game to make it easier.
  • Book an artist to draw you all as caricatures, we love Sassy Steve, and he can join your party virtually.
  • Charades: This is a great option if you have a group where not everyone knows each other and is a great way to get things going.
  • Mr & Mrs/Mrs & Mrs: Get the Groom/Bride to rerecord answers to a list of questions about each other to see how well they know each other. The more obscure the better as makes for a good icebreaker with stories various hens will know.
  • Advice For The Bride: Each hen will have a card where they can write down advice for the bride-to-be, be it serious or funny. Ahead of the virtual hen do, ensure these are all sent to the bride to open on air, where she has to guess which of her friends has suggested the advice.

Whatever you have planned you will need a playlist, start your hen with some party tunes while everyone chats and gets to know each other/catch up then ramp it up to get the dancing and signing going. And remember to Keep the Drinks Flowing!

If you’d normally be drinking at your hen do, then you shouldn’t do anything differently for your virtual party. Whether it’s  cocktails, which you could make together as an activity or prosecco, make sure everyone has plenty of alcohol flowing to keep things fun, relaxed, and easy.

Finally, after weeks of planning, a hen do is the perfect excuse to ditch the comfies and get all dressed up. After weeks of going makeup free, and having pineapple hair it’s definitely time to get glammed up and feel like the goddess you are!

Thanks for reading Keuxties

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