Locks Down Day 6: Backcombing

Backcombing is such a great skill to get locked down, not only does it give you volume and height that stays all day (when you get it right) but its also a great way to get bigger victory rolls that grip well, stay up and look super professional. Here’s some techniques for backcombing for victory rolls, as well as my favourite… the beehive!

Backcombing video tutorials…

In this one I show you how to backcomb curls for a biiiiig curl set brush out!

And here’s how to back comb for a ’60s beehive…

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If you wear extensions, it can make victory rolls a little tricky to create whilst hiding the bonds or wefts and working with all that hair, so here’s an easy trick to create a rolled up do!Section your hair into ponytails (you can do however many you’d like!) Then curl the hair using a wide curling iron and set. Once the hair has cooled, roll into the victory roll shape, pinning each one on top of the base of the ponytail. Then wrap a headscarf around your head and tie ina bow at the crown, this will hide any visible wefts or bonds and create the rolled up do!

Start by sectioning off your fringe then take another layer of your longer hair, an inch wide, in a semi circle, just above your fringe. Curl both these sections, starting with the longer length then the fringe. If you have a very short fringe use a thinner curling iron. Curling the fringe first makes it much easier to hide as it will blend and curve softly into the roll! Now smooth this whole backcombed section together with a grooming brush, keeping your thumb or hand inside the roll as you brish to retain shape. Brush the longer length of hair over the top of the shorter pieces and loop it around the side to create our swirling victory roll. The longer length should be on the outside of the roll to hide the fringe and swoop inwards, camouflaging any short layers. Set in place with a long pin curl clip and use your fine tooth comb to gently neaten the outside of the roll and make sure the longer length is covering everything! Use a few hairgrips to secure and spray with a strong hold hairspray to set.