Each month you’ll receive a beautiful parcel worth over £30, including makeup, hair products skincare and/or accessories and brushes from Le Keux Cosmetics plus accessories (hair flowers, sunglasses, headscarves, make up brush cleaners, tweezers, hair brushes and more!), plus a discount voucher for Le Keux services and/or other major pin up and vintage brands! Click here to order your subscription!

Example parcels:

How does it work?

  1. Click on the sign up button below (UK shipping), or click here to order worldwide.
  2. Add 1 subscription to the shopping cart, go to checkout and fill in your payment details. You’ll be charged your first month’s subscription of £14.95.
  3. Ensure the address you enter is the address you’d like the parcel to go to each month.
  4. You’ll receive your first month’s parcel the month after you sign up.
  5. The following month you’ll be charged £14.95 (or £18.95 for worldwide shipping) again and you’ll receive another parcel!
  6. You can cancel anytime by emailing cosmetics@lekeuxevents.co.uk.
  7. See our terms and conditions below for more information.

What will I receive in each parcel?

Each month you’ll receive a bundle of goodies worth £30 or more, they’ll be any combination of full size Le Keux Cosmetics and accessories such as:

  • Lip paints
  • Skincare
  • Face powder
  • Eyeliner
  • Brow gel
  • Make up brushes
  • Hair accessories
  • Beauty accessories
  • Hair and beauty tutorial

Plus every month you’ll receive a discount voucher to use at Le Keux or other big pinup and vintage brands!

Just £14.95 (includes shipping) per month


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Terms and conditions:

This is a subscription service, you’ll be charged £14.95 per month (or £18.95 for non-UK, worldwide shipping), every month until you. cancel. You can cancel anytime by emailing cosmetics@lekeuxevents.co.uk from the email address you signed up with. Cancellations require at least 28 days before your next payment is due to go out to cancel your subscription for the following month onward. Once you’ve paid your first subscription installment of £14.95 (£18.95), you’ll receive a Pin Up Parcel for the following month, for example if you pay on 2nd September, your first parcel will arrive with you in October. Your first payment will go out on the day your sign up to the subscription service. You will not receive the same product twice (bar colour variations for example the same headscarf or hair flower, but in a different colour) within a 12 month period. Subscriptions are limited to stock, Le Keux reserves the right to refund you for any month where stock is not available then continue to charge you from the following month onward. Le Keux reserves the right to increase the price of the parcel, or increase postage costs per month, we will write to you to let you know if this is going to happen. Parcels will be shipped royal mail second class. Le Keux does not hold responsibility for missing parcels, Le Keux will retain proof of postage and if a parcel does not arrive please email us and we will provide you with proof of postage so that you can attempt to make a claim directly with the postal service for your missing parcel. All parcels and payments are non refundable and returns will not be accepted. Le Keux reserves the right to substitute products and the images of product bundles advertised with the pin up parcel are examples only. £30 value of parcel is based on full retail price of Le Keux Cosmetics and accessories. Parcels will be sent to the address provided at signing up to the subscription service, if you wish to change the shipping address please email info@lekeuxevents.co.uk. Le Keux hold no liability for damage to parcels or products within the parcel during transit. All parcels will be checked to ensure they are not damaged before shipping.