Pin Up Parcel – Monthly Vintage Subscription Box

Our monthly subscription box will take you through a learning journey of vintage styling! Go from beginner to expert in vintage hair styling, makeup looks and accessorising.

Each Parcel contains the full kit you need to create a vintage look and learn a new skill or style. You’ll receive all the makeup, hair products, tools and accessories needed. You can sign up monthly (and cancel anytime), or purchase a discounted bundle up front.

Sign up this month and get a FREE Pin Up Powder worth £18.95 plus a bonus printed vintage tutorial. All you have to do is click here and sign up and we’ll send you your code to enter at checkout.

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First 12 months’ parcels contents in full…

Month 1 Parcel – Hair Curl Set and Sculpt kit – Learn how to pin curl set your hair and sculpt into a classic 1950s finished style. Includes full size hair setting and finishing ‘Victory Spray’ by Le Keux Cosmetics worth £16, six pack of pillow rollers worth £9.25, six ribbon pin curl clips worth £3.75, rat tail backcombing and finishing comb with £4.25, three pack of separating clips with £3.75. Plus traditional vintage hair curl set tutorial.

Month 2 Parcel – Lips and Tips Kit – Perfect your look with all-day-stay red lips and a half moon manicure. Includes full size Forever On Your Lips liquid lipstick in Whistle Bait red, by Le Keux Cosmetics with £16, full size red nail varnish worth £8, top coat varnish worth £4, nail file, fake nails, cuticle pusher, nail art brush, nail scrubber and half moon sticker guides all worth an additional £12. Plus mani and lipstick printed tutorials.

Month 3 Parcel – Victory Rolls Kit – Create these iconic 1940s swirls in your hair with our infamous Roll ‘N’ Pin victory rolls tool (there’s a video showing you how to use it!)! Includes Roll ‘N’ Pin tool worth £8.95, boar bristle slim finishing brush worth £9.25, hair snood accessory worth £8.95, hair flower worth £8, vintage tin filled with bobby pins worth £4.50. Plus victory rolls printed tutorial.

Month 4 Parcel – Brows On Point Kit – Get those perfectly shaped brows to suit your beautifully unique face shape. Includes Secret Weapon Brow pomade by Le Keux Cosmetics worth £12.95, dual end brow and eyeshadow brush by Le Keux Cosmetics worth £11.95, Vintage Cosmetics Company rose gold tweezers worth £6, tortoiseshell acetate reproduction vintage hand mirror and matching hair pin stick worth £10. Plus ‘Brows On Point’ printed tutorial.

Month 5 Parcel – Polish and Perfect Kit – This edition is all about getting the smooth finish you’ve always wanted in your vintage sets and rolls (learnt in your previous parcels!). Includes Le Keux Cosmetics Pin Up Pomade, sponge bun shaper, vintage inspired pearl hair clips, pastel chiffon neckerchief or headscarf (wear however you like!) and the most adorable rain hood to show off and protect your perfectly coiffed vintage hair style. Plus a printed vintage up do hair tutorial plus bonus face shape guide for choosing the styles that will suit you best.

Month 6 Parcel – Incredible Flicks Kit – You’ll learn how to perfect eyeliner flicks to perfectly suit your eye shape and preferred look. Includes our brand new Le Keux Cosmetics KATEYE liquid eyeliner worth £14, false eyelashes worth £6, lash curlers worth £8, a makeup bag to keep it all safe worth £7.95 and a pin up inspired bandana worth £4. Plus a printed eyeliner flicks tutorial.

Month 7 Parcel – Overnight Goddess – You’ve perfected those vintage looks, now it’s time to take care of your skin. Includes our 3 in 1 Every Cream (makeup melt, cleanse and moisturiser) worth £15.95, the prettiest pamper headband you’ve ever seen worth £8.95, shower cap worth £3.95, sponge rollers worth £6 and pop art design gel warmer pads worth £4.25. Plus a printed Day to Night Makeup tutorial and a bonus How To Tie a Headscarf tutorial.

Month 8 Parcel – Roller Girl Kit – You’ll receive our infamous Gibson Roller vintage hair styling tool (there’s a video showing you how to use this!). A very clever sponge and ribbon combination for quick, easy, no prep and no damage bumper bangs and Gibson Rolls worth £8.95. Also included is our Coral Mermaid lip and cheek stain worth £12.95, pin up inspired cat eye shades worth £10 and a jelly basket handbag worth £8. Plus a printed ‘Secret Swirls’ barrel roll tutorial.

Month 9 Parcel – 60s Chick Kit – Now you’ve mastered some 40’s and ’50s hairstyles, we’ll now show you how to backcomb your hair and create an adorable beehive and create a 60s makeup look. Includes a full size Forever On Your Lips liquid lipstick in Peachy Keen worth £16, eyeshadow palette worth £5.95, eyeshadow blending brush worth £6.95, ’60s inspired headband worth £3.95 and beehive bumper sponge on a comb worth £2.95. Plus a printed Backcombing tutorial.

Month 10 Parcel – Tiki Edition – You’ll receive our 4 in 1 style, the Tiki Twister (worth £8.95) designed to help you create poodle up dos, bangs, rolls and twists in your hair with just one tool (there’s a video showing you how to do this!). To complete the look you’ll receive bamboo earrings worth £6.95, hair nets worth £2.95, Le Keux Cosmetic Forever On Your Lips liquid lipstick in Diablo Rose and Elvis coasters for your dressing table. Plus a printed pin curl up do tutorial.

Month 11 Parcel – Wet Set Master Kit – You’ve mastered so many vintage styles and it’s time to get the wet set down! You’ll receive a setting lotion, foam rollers, hair dryer wet set attachment, hair comb slides and more. Full details to be launched soon!

Month 12 Parcel – 20s Diva Kit – We’ll be teaching you how to master a 20s waves and a pin curl look. Your kits will include Forever On Your Lips liquid lipstick in Cherry Bomb worth £16, marcel wave clips, an art deco patterned head band and more! Full details to be launched soon!

Please note: All contents above are subject to availability and may be substituted for another item of similar value. Other items may include alternative lipsticks or lip and cheek paints, our Pin Up Powder, moisturiser, hair accessories, pins or brooches, hair bands or headscarves, powder puffs, makeup brushes, beauty tools or similar.

All our packaging is also now eco friendly!

Our boxes are made from card from FSC certified forests meaning every tree cut down is replaced. Our mailer bags are also compostable and you can recycle our boxes and shredded paper, or use them for storage, crafting and more! We’re also reducing the amount of packaging for our contents.

What our subscribers says…

“Just got my pin up parcel!!! No pics or spoilers but wow just wow!!” – Vicki H

“Absolutely adore mine, so look forward to it … I love my monthly pin up parcel! I’m really enjoying trying out more authentic make up application”. – Julie Ann

“There’s nothing like having a bad day at work only to be greeted with my Pin-Up Parcel when I arrived home! I nearly cried! So excited to try the new Forever on Your Lips liquid lipstick! I am in love with my parcel this month 😍 So many things I can’t wait to try! Thank you so much!” – Lorna S

“Yay, my Pin-Up Parcel has arrived!! Super Cute love it, especially the Eyebrow/Liner Paint and 😍 Wired Headband” – Kathy B

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